Wednesday, September 12, 2007

Maine Fare - Camden -Sept 14-16th 2007

Join us for the weekend in beautiful Camden for a food festival that has something for everyone. This fun-filled event celebrates the bounty of Maine food from every angle. Stroll through the Maine Fare marketplace and fill your senses with the delights of the harvest season. Shop for Maine products and speak with the artisans who produce them. Attend one of the many cooking demonstrations throughout the day and learn directly from Maine chefs, farmers, food and wine producers, cookbook authors, teachers and food historians. Take in a presentation and learn about kitchen gardening, how to buy and prepare seafood, the state of Maine's important seafood resources, storing fresh food for the winter without touching that old canning kettle, and much, much more.

Photo By Jim Dugan( who did all our website photos, along with the stunning Camden scenery on the home page) The event will be centered at and around the Waterfall Events Center in Camden's historic Knox Mill Center. Right in downtown Camden, this venue is close to many of the great restaurants and lovely inns this spectacularly beautiful area has to offer.